Global Demand Gen
and ABM Campaign

Client Overview

SAP SuccessFactors is a complete, cloud-based human resource management (HR) system that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement.

Technologies Applied
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Demandbase
  • LinkedIn
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
The Challenge

Increase commercial excellence and operational efficiency through increased demand gen conversion

Vertic was tasked with ongoing demand generation efforts towards existing accounts and net new customers of SAP SuccessFactors, with the objective of increasing marketing-driven and digital initiated leads across markets.

Attributing a full-funnel viewpoint to the demand generation efforts, making content relevant to customer according to the appropriate stage of their decision journey, SAP SuccessFactors needed the demand generation program to scale globally.

The Vision
Demand generation today is much more than just collecting names and contact information. The modern-day digital customer experience has to provide a highly customized experience tailored by journey stage, stakeholder and industry segment, nurturing users down the funnel and creating mature leads that can be directly routed to sales with the insights into customers’ specific needs and appropriate next steps.
Sebastian Jespersen
CEO of Vertic
The Strategy

Target key accounts across net new and existing customers with highly relevant content across owned, earned and paid digital channels, to nurture key decision makers and influencers along the different stages of their decision journey in order to drive lead generation

The Solution

Based on an initial Vertic internal research that leveraged existing SAP SuccessFactors data of accounts, industries, size of companies, existing dialogue to date and maturity of accounts, we subsequently complimented it with external research of customer needs at each stage of their decision journey, with topics and themes that were of interest and how they related to products and solutions.

Vertic created a hyper-targeted campaign on LinkedIn and through premium partners to act as the core traffic driver, complimented by highly targeted campaigns on owned channels, utilizing technologies such as Demandbase and Adobe Target to customize content accordingly.

Targeted audiences would then come through to customized landing experiences, dynamically relevant to the different needs of the stakeholders. Leads were collected through forms (both gated content and sales contact forms). The experiences were segmented into Top Funnel, Mid-Funnel, and Low-Funnel landing pages, with each segment consisting of multiple pages offering relevant content specific to profile data such as industry, job function and company size, as well as different themes and topics identified as of interest from the research and internal sales input.


Vertic's scope of marketing activities has to date included the following

Global vs. Local
Discover ongoing audience insights
Use insights to create compelling messages for segmented audiences
Global strategy / local execution
Drive demand from existing accounts
Global strategy / local execution
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