Digitizing the sales funnel through a global ABM program

Client Overview

Vodafone Business helps organizations succeed in today’s digital world on a global scale, through its expertise in connectivity and leading IoT platform.

Technologies Applied
  • Demandbase
  • Eloqua
The Challenge

Create awareness and demand for Vodafone Business offerings within 'high-revenue, high-potential' accounts

Vodafone Business tasked Vertic with supporting their cross-sell and up-sell opportunity lead-generation within 25 leading accounts. Wishing to test the market for opportunities not only within these accounts but also wider across those customers' industries, Vodafone Business had the ambition of expanding the breadth of solutions within each account as well as their geographical engagement.

Vodafone Business needed to target key business decision makers with relevant content at each stage of their information journey, converting them from awareness through to demand, with insights about the digital engagement that would empower the sales teams for future dialogue.

The Vision
Vodafone Enterprise needed to generate demand for several solutions and create awareness within its existing customer base. This was a global vision and needed to be done at scale.
Marwa Khalife
Client Engagement Director, Vertic
The Strategy

Implement structured one-to-one ABM campaigns tailored to each account and target audience.

The Solution

Vodafone engaged Vertic to support its demand generation pilot solution from discovery to concept to execution. To begin digitizing the sales funnel, Vodafone tasked Vertic with launching an ABM pilot in North America, which targeted 25 accounts. The pilot objective was to increase Vodafone’s brand awareness, position Vodafone as a thought leader and market expert, and, most importantly, garner greater insights into Vodafone customers. Gathering key information on decision makers and influencers better informed teams across Vodafone on how to best engage with key stakeholders.

Vertic conducted interviews with account managers to categorize key business priorities and learn what interests drive each business decision.  Based on this research, Vertic created a hyper-targeted framework, forming the foundation of the media strategy.  This framework enabled a three-layer personalization experience based on industry, function, and business need.


The campaign had three objectives to measure success; brand awareness, thought leadership, and customer insights. The campaign exceeded expectations and increased awareness (1.4million impressions) and engagement rates (0.77%). Additionally, the campaign garnered leads from accounts across a range of  industries including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy.  It exceeded LinkedIn benchmarks on all engagement metrics, including click through rates (0.3%) with an average CTR across campaigns of 0.68%. Based on these results, Vertic was able to create customized account reports for each of the 25 accounts featured in the campaign. The reports provided thorough information on stakeholder engagement with content topics and formats that could steer future conversations and sales efforts between account representatives and the selected accounts.




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