GE Healthcare

Generating Demand through Automation

Client Overview

GE Healthcare provides a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Their solutions improve outcomes for healthcare providers and for therapy innovators around the world. This means increased capacity, improved productivity and better patient outcomes.

Technologies Applied
  • Marketo
The Challenge

Providing the right value prop to the right individual at scale

GE Healthcare had a very diverse set of stakeholders responsible for purchasing their Integrated Care Solutions, ranging from healthcare executives and specialists such as radiologists, through to hospital purchasers and finance executives, and even IT teams.

They tasked Vertic with creating a solution that would be able to engage these different stakeholders, convey their solutions' value propositions and ultimately drive lead generation.

The Vision
When GE Healthcare is communicating a solution rather than a physical product, it is traditionally more difficult for the customer to understand it because of its complexity. The communication platform needed to hone in on the very specific benefits to each customer stakeholder, to increase efficiencies of solution consideration and ultimately lead generation
Laurence Lipworth
Head of Client Engagement
The Strategy

Creating individualized experiences that shorten the decision journey

The Solution

The goal of the program was to generate qualified leads for two separate business groups at GE Healthcare. Each business group had a specific target audience, associated offerings and value propositions. Vertic decided to develop an end-to-end highly customized experience for customer users.

Media Channel & Messaging Strategy

Vertic leveraged LinkedIn as a primary channel to target decision makers, as research showed that LinkedIn was a primary platform for both their presence and engagement. Using LinkedIn’s capabilities, Vertic created hyper targeted clusters based on geography, company size, industry, function, seniority, and profile data (groups, skills etc.). For each individual cluster, creative and messages were created specifically to the business pains identified. The messaging strategy was to create hyper relevancy to each individual user, starting on LinkedIn through the media creative, through to the landing environment, and throughout  interactions on the digital property. This enabled the GE Healthcare content to be relevant upon entry for the customer, leading to higher conversion of consideration.

Digital Experience

Having an individualized experience was key in driving conversions. Vertic created a website that dynamically tailored its content and experience pending the user’s LinkedIn profile, taking into account their industry, function, seniority, interest, and the media creative they reacted to. To ensure high relevancy throughout the touchpoints on the website, the content was based on extensive research about the audience clusters, which identified what content themes were high in demand and interest. Within the content mix, Vertic introduced the appropriate GE Healthcare solutions for each cluster as they showed more maturity and readiness to convert.

Automating the Sales Funnel

As the user showed more interest in mid and lower funnel content, the site dynamically updated to drive them towards conversion. Information submitted was automatically routed to the sales teams. Vertic implemented LinkedIn’s Autofill functionality that pre-filled the contact form with a user's LinkedIn profile data, making it easier for the user to convert as well as ensuring clean lead data for GE Healthcare.



CVR to Lead


A significant 84% decrease in CPP (cost per prospect)


Engagement with content: 35%


Bounce rate: 29%

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