Activating potential patient ambassadors with “true social” content

The Challenge

Creating awareness of the importance of treating flu.

The treatment of flu requires an HCP prescription quickly after onset of symptoms. But people tends to trivialize the flu and not consider it worthy of a doctor’s visit – let alone treating flu with a prescription drug. To ensure the possible treatment outcome, environmental shaping efforts were needed to:

1) get people to realize the seriousness of the flu,
2) be able to recognize the symptoms, and
3) go to the doctor quickly when flu is suspected.

The Strategy

A targeted media campaign focused on engaging the “concerned citizen”

– a defined audience that is not aware of the flu impact, but open to messaging about health and social impact of contagion, and as such a potential key driver in spreading the message. Content was crafted to live up to expectations of social media input, and to trigger typical platform behaviour such as sharing, mentioning others in comments, etc.

A very successful disease awareness campaign that resonated well with our selected segment of the general public. It was executed by Roche Global, and distributed through several social media channels in selected markets - and we were pleased with the high engagement and positive reactions coming out of it.
Elizabeth Park
Senior International Communications Leader at Roche

The Solution

The campaign launched in in two waves

Wave 1: Broader targeting and messaging based on preliminary insights on profile and areas of interest.

Wave 2: Focused campaign based on Wave 1 learnings (segmentation, A/B test) for higher effect and efficiency, including high engagement content as a result of Wave 1 message resonance.



Impressions (incl. 1.3 mill video views)


users (99% new users and 12% of all users on roche.comduring campaign period)


pageviews (>100K unique pageviews)


minutes avg. time on pages


Avg. CPVisit below €0.50 across all ad platforms

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