Eli Lilly

Market shaping activities through digital event amplification targeting Key Online Influencers & KOLs

The Challenge

Eli Lilly was a new entrant in the Rheumatoid Arthritis space, however had the opportunity to introduce new treatment paradigms within the therapeutic area.

The challenge was to enter a dialogue with relevant stakeholders in a crowded space. Rather than relying solely on classic offline tactics, such as analogue congresses, Eli Lilly asked Vertic to design a multi-channel strategy to engage therapeutic specialists including those attending EULAR (i.e. a large European congress) but also those who were unable to attend the physical event.

The Strategy

In our digital observational research, we discovered that rheumatologist are passionate social media users, constantly utilising this channel to find and share relevant information.

Also, we identified the therapeutic specialists’ unmet information needs, opinions and attitudes toward the therapeutic area including the existing available treatment paradigms. Their barriers to adopting new treatment types where mapped along a customer decision journey and a content strategy was defined accordingly.

The Solution

On the back of this insight we created a one stop shop platform which included content developed with key thought leaders from across Europe and Canada. It included content in multiple formats such as infographics based on strategic insights, short KOL videos displayed live at the congress, and snappy text updates to keep our followers informed.



total impressions


average engagement rate


far above the industry benchmark

The total impressions for the campaign were 56,900, with an average engagement rate of 7.7%, far above the industry benchmark of 1.01%.

This campaign was a turning point for the way Lilly approaches engaging customers online. Our digital activation project was innovative, because there is some hesitance in the pharma world in fully embracing social media, especially due to the risk of Adverse Events. With our powerful online presence, data driven content strategy, Lilly’s informative voice firmly cemented them as the future voice in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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