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Addressing psychosocial and self-management issues stemming from suffering from a chronic disease

Technologies Applied
  • Sitecore Engagement platform
The Challenge

People who suffer from psoriasis, a disease for which there is no known cure, face numerous challenges that directly impact their quality of life, including psychosocial and self-management issues.

When it comes to managing a chronic disease, patients and caregivers not only turn to health care professionals for information about diagnosis and treatments but also online to reach peers and experts with similar concerns or expert knowledge. LEO, a global pharmaceutical firm, has deep expertise in dermatology and wanted to reach out to patients to offer a service beyond the pharmaceutical product to increase not only clinical outcomes, but also quality of life.

The Strategy

The strategy was to treat users of the solution as People rather than as Patients.

This entailed a focus reaching outside the physical consequences of Psoriasis engaging via psychological and emotional themes also. Personalization is a natural extension of the strategy incorporating both implicit and explicit customization of content across the different touch points.

The Solution

The LEO patient support program is multichannel with a web site as the hub.

When patient enter the solution, they are asked to select four to eight topics (or ‘concerns’) that they would like to focus on. They also rate their level of interest about each topic. Once they complete their profile, registered users access their own personalized web pages – viewing discrete chunks of content that combine descriptive information about psoriasis with answers to prospective questions. They have comparable experiences using either full-screen web browsers or mobile devices.

QualityCare™ tracks activities and refines the content presented on personalized pages. For instance, once they view a summary about the importance of exercise for managing psoriasis, registered users can find more specific content about exercise tips. When they return to a topic, they can get additional information about it.

QualityCare™ engages people concerned about psoriasis on an ongoing basis. They can receive emails and text messages from the service that provide links to new information, based on their profiles and prior activities. The application can track when people open the emails and follow the links to the additional information, thus building implicit profiles of experience.

With the development and digital branding expertise of Vertic, its systems integration partner, LEO Pharma manages customer experiences and harnesses its expertise to deliver relevant information. Content is not only delivered electronically. Registered users can receive hardcopy magazines, personalized to their interests, from a print file generated by the service and sent to a local print house.

Finally, healthcare professionals can remain engaged. QualityCare™ tracks interactions and can automatically trigger calls from a nurse, such as when a customer is repeatedly looking for online answers on a particular topic. The nurse can clarify the situations, immediately provide needed information (adapting predefined scripts as needed), and update the user’s profile.

10 Key Principles of

Patient Engagement

2. Pressume Impact  
3. Personalize with Sense
4. Align with Disease Journey
5. Integrate Channels
6. Communication Model
7. Bite-size & Repeat
8. Variety & Engagement
9. Learn on the Go
10. Go beyond Healthcare
1. Patient Needs first
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