Creating a brand in a digital first world

Client Overview

Innophos is a leading international producer of specialty ingredient solutions that deliver far-reaching, versatile benefits for the food, health, nutrition and industrial markets. Innophos leverages its expertise in the science and technology of blending and formulating phosphates, minerals, botanicals, proteins and other nutrition ingredients to help their customers offer products that are tasty, healthy, nutritious and economical. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Innophos has manufacturing operations across the United States, in Canada, Mexico and China.​

The Challenge

Shift brand perception to an innovative company

Vertic was tasked with developing a digital brand strategy to reposition Innophos from a product-driven company to a leading, customer-centric, and science-based ingredient solution provider to the Food, Health and Nutrition markets. The ambition for the new digital brand strategy and brand architecture for the corporate website presence is to create a central hub that can scale according to the business needs, into a holistic brand ecosystem that can efficiently and effectively incite users from one phase of the decision journey to the next across Innophos’ marketing channels.

The Vision
“Vertic’s approach to a Digital Brand Strategy helped us to align internally and to revitalize our brand and offerings. The strategy process also helped us better understand our customers’ needs and expectations, and how to transform and repurpose content to align with our customers’ decision journeys in an online world.”
Eugenia Erlij
VP Marketing
The Strategy

With a unique brand purpose at the epicenter of the model, Vertic’s Digital Brand Strategy framework was customized to help Innophos achieve its full digital potential and thereby elevate the Innophos brand from a commodity to an innovative partner in a digital-first world.

The Solution

Holistic Brand Ecosystem

Brand Purpose and Messaging

Unlike a traditional creative agency, where developing a brand is often predominantly focused on the internal perspectives of the marketers, and a ‘lab’-like internal collaboration, Vertic leverages its nature as a digital agency to gather data and insights on how the existing brand is being perceived by its external stakeholders. Vertic applied a structured methodology and engaged in extensive research phases that enabled us to develop a best-in-class digital brand strategy The new brand identity was created around Vertic’s Brand Eye methodology which constitutes of six core elements: Brand Personality, Brand Vision & Objective, Brand Positioning, Brand Value Propositions, Brand Attributes, & Brand Benefits.

Based on the Brand Eye model as well as a new brand architecture, Vertic developed a messaging house; a simple but effective tool to empower Innophos and their partners to stay on message in their marketing communications across all touchpoints and audiences.

Digitizing the brand

Through these cornerstones, Vertic defined the new Innophos brand architecture, which was the basis for the website build, digital communication and most importantly the developing of a new mindset for a digital and innovative business model for Innophos.

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