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Client Overview

SAP Ariba is a leader in spend management and connects companies across the globe

Technologies Applied
  • Sitecore
  • Marketo
  • Demandbase
  • Adobe Target
The Challenge

SAP Ariba had an ambition to elevate the customer experience through a new digital marketing platform.

Vertic was tasked with the objective of elevating the customer experience through a new digital platform, supporting SAP Ariba’s strategy and enabling to have direct business impact.

The goal of the redesign of was to position SAP Ariba as the most innovate B2B company and reset the bar for B2B customer experience in the market.

Customer quote
The brand experience starts with having a deep understanding of your customer and what matters most to them. Based on leveraging insights and data, we have a deeper understanding for how we present purposeful and relevant experiences to address our customer needs at each touch point of their decision journey.
Tifenn Dano Kwan
Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass
The Strategy

Digitalize the customer decision journey to align with customer preferences and shorten the sales cycles

The Solution

Vertic formulated a digital strategy based on in-depth customer research and insights, to guide the user experience and platform development.

Circular architecture

Understanding that each individual customer was unique, with different needs, it was imperative to create an architecture that could accommodate the different scenarios in that non-linear customer journey.

Vertic’s implementation of circular architecture provides a new experience paradigm that gives users a logical path forward in the steps of their decision journey. This helps them see more of what SAP Ariba has to offer that is relevant to them, without running into a dead-end. This approach has significantly decreased the bounce rate and increased conversion.


To support the strategic objective of shortening the sales cycle, Vertic leveraged the Demandbase technology for a personalized experience. This enabled SAP Ariba to dynamically adapt the website experience according to the profile of each user, based on a mixture of multiple parameters such as segment (buyer vs. supplier), job function, industry, existing customer data and previous content consumption.

Intelligent Search

Aligning with the today's user behavior and preferences for finding information through search, Vertic implemented a predictive search functionality that empowers prospects and customers to more easily find relevant content. By providing contextual search results aligned with search intent, and utilizing machine learning to become more intelligent over time, the search functionality translates user intent into SAP Ariba solution offerings.


Serving as a foundation for growth, the new continuously drives business impact by strengthening the brand and digitizing the sales funnel.


Increase in conversion rates


Decrease in contact form abandon rate


Increase in traffic YoY

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