Helping Dropbox bring to life a next generation experience platform

Client Overview

Dropbox is the one place to keep life organized and keep work moving. With more than 600 million registered users across 180 countries, the company is on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working.

The Challenge

Entirely re-thinking customer experience to solve for virtual workplace challenges

At Vertic, we recognize that people no longer go online; they live online. In fact, the average internet user now spends seven hours online every day.  Dropbox operates at the heart of this new digital reality.  While working from home represents the beginning of fast-tracking the future of work, Dropbox felt the need to show how workplaces, work schedules, and work cultures throughout the globe are responding to new ways of working.

It was no longer enough for Dropbox to simply outline the benefits of centrally organizing content, streamlining workflows, communicating with teams, integrating other tools, and keeping data safe. They had to DEMONSTRATE their significance through real users.  Dropbox needed to let customers EXPERIENCE these benefits for themselves and allow a new generation of remote workers to hear about the kinds of results that are indeed possible.

The Vision
With the rise of digital experiences, we wanted to build a platform that nurtures trust, builds connectivity, and drives engagement. Our Digital Marketing Experience Platform is more than just a destination, but a reimagined website focused on our customers”
Chief Marketing Officer - Dropbox
The Strategy

Own the conversation around the smart workplace

Dropbox certainly realizes there are many challenges in the modern workplace. Their role is to solve these difficulties with a smarter and more efficient way of working.  As a result, Vertic’s strategy was to appeal to customers throughout their digital experience journey, aligning content to match their needs and desired outcomes. Given the remote work situation of millions of businesses today, Vertic chose to express a sense of sympathetic understanding, while also being responsive to highlighting topics—at exactly the right moment-- that would lead to provide helpful information and ensuring customer success. 

It was also clear to Vertic that Dropbox had an opportunity to “own the conversation” around the smart workspace for distributed teams. This meant providing an engaging customer journey, while reassuring customers in times of uncertainty.  Most importantly, the experience platform would also bring to life ways of growing a customer’s business with reliable Dropbox tools.  This approach changed the tone of communications from a product-focused discussion to one that was far more enriching and consultative.

The Solution

A rich, always-on content experience based on insights of what customers care about

Customer Insights

Vertic conducted a number of studies that underscored the impact of the pandemic on businesses in relation to remote work and distributed teams. These studies focused on those topics of greatest concern to Dropbox customers, as well as the language, taxonomy and semantics that they used.

Relevant Content

Based on these insights of how businesses throughout the world are managing amid the pandemic, Vertic created rich video content, interactive tools and articles to empower Dropbox customers to better understand how to navigate in unpredictable times.    

Experience Platform

Vertic built a dynamic platform experience with relevant content personalized to potential and existing Dropbox customers throughout their information journey. Easy to update, the platform is built for ongoing development.

Digital event strategy alignment

With a future-forward attitude, the platform has also been built to act for an upcoming event strategy—whether virtual events or a hybrid model of physical events that require complimentary digital components for scale.

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