Defining the digital experience of two recently merged

Client Overview

Episerver was a software company offering web content management, digital commerce, and digital marketing, through the Episerver Digital Experience Platform Cloud Service. In January 2021, Episerver announced that they were rebranding as Optimizely, a company they acquired in October, 2020, and that provided A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, website experimentation and personalization.

The Challenge

How to combine two leading companies’ digital properties with a holistic and fluid experience for customers, partners and wider stakeholders.

Following the acquisition of Optimizely by Episerver, Vertic worked closely with both companies to understand the implications of the consolidation of their brands, their content, value propositions, and the digital channels through which they went to market.  

Discussions with Optimizely showed that there was a digital brand objective that required the digital experience to communicate the new value of the joint company, a commercial objective to create future business revenue, as well as an operational objective that aligned with the traditional cost-saving opportunities that come from M&A.  

Vertic was subsequently tasked with defining the digital experience. Rather than see the task purely as a ‘consolidation’ project, Vertic saw the opportunities that arose from being able ‘start from scratch’ and create a completely new digital customer experience.

The Vision
Create a combined company that is more than the sum of its parts. Ensure the exponential value of the two companies is realized through a digital experience that aligns with both customers’ needs.
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The Strategy

Leverage the best of each company’s existing strengths while resetting the digital experience towards a more customer-centric approach

Vertic’s research and search engine analysis showed that the legacy Optimizely.com had a relatively stronger ‘digital gravity’ and digital maturity than the legacy Episerver.com. Moreover, because insights revealed a stronger customer affinity for the Optimizely brand, it made sense re-brand the combined company as Optimizely, even though Episerver was the acquiring company.

With internal objectives in mind, Vertic focused on digital stakeholders ranging from customers to partners and beyond. Using interviews and surveys with internal and external stakeholders and insights from search behavior, analytics, and social listening, Vertic designed the experience strategy.

The Solution

A holistic end-to-end digital strategy that provides best-in-class customer experience while creating synergies from connecting the various touchpoints.

Vertic's roadmap for the digital experience was based on various core behaviors, ranging from a focus on customer outcomes to embracing inclusion to the mantra "never stop improving" – the latter of which aligned with Optimizely's core belief in experimentation and optimization.

To ensure the experience was not just marketing ‘fluff’, Vertic’s overarching digital experience definition ensured that Optimizely would ‘walk-the-walk’, delivering personalized experiences that guide customers at every step of their journey, and leading the industry with performance marketing capabilities.  

A results-based, multi-touch focused measurement plan would be empowered by an operating model that leaned on automated machine learning from data-driven insights.


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