Siemens Industry - Digital Event Experience

The Challenge

Provide all the benefits of large-scale, in-person event participation through the digital medium

Siemens Drive Technologies has a highly complex Integrated Drive Train offering that provides tailored solutions to various industries. Their participation at industry leading events such as the Hannover Messe, as well as their own events, was a key means for their sales teams to connect to prospect customers, communicate this complex value proposition, and ultimately drive new leads and mature existing customers. However, as customer penetration requires broader and deeper reach within the multiple organizational functions, and more touches in the customer journey than the single offline event, Siemens needed a solution that could scale this outreach and engagement without the exponential cost efforts.

The Strategy

Reach and engage deeper into organizations through a digital-format experience

As the customer buying journey for the Integrated Drive Train solutions was typically months, if not years, Siemens required deeper understanding of their customers’ positions and maturity on that continuum. Vertic’s strategy was to create a solution that would unearth each individual customer’s position in that journey based on their event experience interactions and content consumption, routing to sales for follow-up.

The Solution

Vertic built a digital event experience based on a 3D real-world environment that held visually recognizable locations for each of the industry value propositions.

When attendees signed-up and attended the experience they were therefore segmenting initially into industry content that would be instantly recognizable and ultimately only relevant for their sector.

Attendees would then be motivated to consume leading top-funnel content about the industry before being incentivized to explore various use case scenarios where the Drive Train would be used. The solution presented video content that was relatable for each user, enable them to download materials for later offline viewing, and would drive demand to take further contact.

The back end of the experience was built to track user engagement, content consumption, interaction behavior and route it accordingly. Through this means the digital experience was bridging a gap between a traditional event marketing objective and sales teams’ end needs of lead generation.

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