Creating a B2B
eCommerce Experience

Client Overview

ROCKWOOL GROUP is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation.

Technologies Applied
  • Episerver
  • Intershop
  • Omniture Analytics
  • Marketo
  • SOLR Search
  • Converse AI
The Challenge

Providing B2B users with one seamless experience, satisfying both transactional and thought leadership needs

Creating an eCommerce experience in the B2B space requires a deep understanding of the customer’s decision journey, recognizing the nuances of the sales cycles and accomodating the unique use cases of the b2b buyer’s behavior. Needing to appeal to very different types of customers, from OEMs to distributors, contractors and DIY experts, the eCommerce platform was required to accommodate different buying behaviors and decision journeys.

The Vision
With our business running worldwide, being successful in B2B means multi-country, multi-currency,multi-brand management with complex sales channels that need to go hand inhand. We were looking for a commerce solution that allows us to target different channels individually, while being able to scale without effort.
Mirella Vitale
SVP Marketing Communications, ROCKWOOL GROUP
The Strategy

Create a single eCommerce platform that allows customers to purchase across different brand sites through a personalized experience

For ROCKWOOL’s digital universe, users were constantly crossing between the different brand sites and the corporate site; therefore the eCommerce platform needed to connect the different behavioral insights across the different touchpoints to create a fully holistic view of each persona and decision journey.

Vertic’s experience strategy was to connect the eCommerce platform (called Rockcommerce) with the wider digital ecosystem of ROCKWOOL ( and its portfolio of sub-brand sites). By creating a holistic experience between the different properties it would empower ROCKWOOL with insights to shorten and accelerate the sales cycle, increase operational excellence and utilize learnings to enhance the end-to-end customer experience. Long-term, this would enable a highly relevant, meaningful customer experience at each digital touch-point and grow a more entangled relationship with the customer.

The Solution

As part of Vertic’s delivery of strategy, UX and design of the new RockCommerce platform, the solution included the following elements:

Use cases and customer flows

ROCKWOOL prioritized the customer-sales touchpoints for the new eCommerce requirements. Based on that, Vertic mapped the defined flows and used cases in order to determine how customers prefer to purchase, looking at how online transactions take place across devices and specifically on mobile devices.

Data flow and reporting

Vertic created the strategy for how the data should flow within the different ROCKWOOL properties. This informed how and when to merge multiple data sources, defined  what systems needed to hold what data, and outlined dashboard build for reporting on customer behavior to the sales and marketing teams.

One shopping cart across brand sites

Vertic created and integrated one shopping cart across all product sites to enable users to have a holistic and efficient buying experience.

Custom pricing

The eCommerce platform enabled custom pricing and volume pricing needs for designated accounts and customers.

Integrated cross-domain chatbot

Rocky, the chatbot humanizes the information-seeking process by prompting a dialogue, which enables users to be guided to the right information across the entire digital ecosystem (pre-login and post login).

Individualization & personalization

Vertic created an experience layer on top of the transactional one that individualizes the experience for each user based on past behavior. Leveraging Episerver’s intelligence cloud capabilities and Demandbase’ audiences platform, the solution enables a personalized experience based on the user's segment data, and previous content engagement and digital behavior. Vertic also enabled self-segmentation on the platform that allows further tailoring of content based on the user's preference.

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