Taking bold steps to innovate a lower-carbon future

Client Overview

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (often abbreviated to Oxy) is an American company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and petrochemical manufacturing. As of 2021, the company is ranked 183rd on the Fortune 500.

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The Challenge

Communicate Oxy’s large-scale innovation transformation towards a net-zero future

For 100 years, Oxy has developed extensive assets, infrastructure, expertise, and technology to fuel progress and improve lives around the world, predominantly through the production of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

As part of the company’s mandate to adjust course and help solve the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges, Oxy needed a new corporate website to reflect their role as ‘part of the solution’. The new website had to communicate a paradigm shift in their vision and mission, showcasing a company taking bold steps to innovate new technologies for a low-carbon future.

The Vision
Rethink and reposition a corporate phrama organization into a compassionate woman's health care brand
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The Strategy

Shift the storytelling focus from operations to what transformation means for stakeholders and the planet at large

To reinforce Oxy’s bold ambition of achieving net zero, there was a need to integrate Zero In™ — the corporate vision and framework for advancing every part of their business and reducing emissions across their energy and chemical operations while providing products and services to help others do the same.

A subsequent content strategy informed Vertic and Optimizely of what pieces of content should be updated, what pieces could be discarded, what pieces were missing. This data-driven process of digital insights enabled Vertic to speed up time-to-market by making clearly defined recommendations for the website rather than leave decisions to the emotional assumptions of stakeholders.

Given the increasing recognition from third-party analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC on the combined company's technology offering, Vertic and Optimizely decided that the website should showcase what the product could do.

A process of agile scoping in batches was then performed to understand the roll-out of the website. With a promise to the market that the combined companies would be wholly and solely operating under the Optimizely brand alone by August 2021, Vertic had a six-month window following the strategy with which to launch.

The Solution

Bring Oxy’s Zero In™ vision to life on the corporate website

The new website is the center of Organon’s brand and an impassioned manifesto for women’s health. Leveraging strategic insights and audience content needs (and their journeys), the UX, visual design, and copy work together to convey a unique brand expression that advocates for women’s health care and empowers women to live healthier lives. Acting as the spine of the brand, the new website establishes a digital footprint for awareness and consideration. It crafts a highly relevant, engaging, and compelling experience featuring content and related products regarding women’s health issues.

Helping customers do more

‘Zero In on Empowering People’ is one of the key pillars of Oxy's vision. How does it translate to Oxy’s digital experience? We streamlined the careers section, simplifying the application process for candidates while also conveying a deeper story on who candidates would be working with (rather than solely working for).

Putting innovation into action

Another pillar of Oxy’s vision is ‘Zero In on Transformative Technologies’. Using insights and data, we concluded that audiences wanted not only relevant content about technology but also a digital experience platform that reinforces Oxy’s commitment to innovation.

The use of Optimizely empowered Oxy to practice what they preach through a best-in-class technology platform.

By leveraging a best-in-class technology platform like Optimizely, Oxy was able to ‘practice what they preach’ and reinforce their commitment to innovation.

The future of women’s health care is now
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The new Organon.com elevates a corporate pharma company into a powerful platform and resource dedicated to the well-being of women, their families, and the communities they live in.

Making a meaningful impact on the future of energy

The new Oxy.com elevates the company’s brand to a responsible and efficient energy producer, ready for a markedly different future of energy while backed by a 100-year history of innovation.


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